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Pro-XRP Lawyer Eyes Senate Seat: Will He Beat Elizabeth Warren?

Elizabeth Warren Elizabeth Warren


  • John Deaton, a pro-XRP lawyer, considers challenging Senator Elizabeth Warren.
  • Deaton’s campaign could spotlight the crypto regulation debate.
  • Republicans see an opportunity in Deaton’s potential candidacy.

In an unexpected twist in the political landscape, John Deaton, known for his staunch support of Ripple’s XRP, is eyeing a run against Senator Elizabeth Warren.

This news has stirred the pot, introducing a fresh dynamic into what has been a rather calm Senate race.


Deaton’s consideration to run as a Republican candidate brings to the forefront the contrasting views on cryptocurrency regulation between him and Democrat Elizabeth Warren.

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A Battle of Ideologies

Deaton’s potential candidacy is making waves, primarily due to his clear stance on cryptocurrency, which starkly contrasts with Warren’s critical view of the crypto world.

John Deaton - A Pro XRP Lawyer
John Deaton – A Pro XRP Lawyer.

Jim Conroy, a notable figure in Republican political circles, confirmed that Deaton is taking a “serious look” at challenging Warren.

This move could signify a significant shift in the discourse around crypto regulation in political circles.

Warren, known for her progressive platform, faces criticism from Deaton, especially on her stance against cryptocurrency.

Deaton, on platforms like X, has not shied away from expressing his dissent, signaling that crypto regulation could become a central theme in his campaign.

With only 41% of Massachusetts residents viewing Warren favorably, according to a MassINC Polling Group survey, Republicans believe Deaton could present a formidable challenge.

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From Adversity to Advocacy

Deaton’s journey is nothing short of inspirational. Rising from personal challenges, including a battle with cancer, Deaton’s life story is one of resilience and determination.

A former U.S. Marine and a lawyer advocating for asbestos victims, his foray into the crypto world began with his involvement in a lawsuit between the SEC and Ripple Labs.

Advocating for XRP token holders, Deaton has emerged as a vocal proponent for sensible crypto regulation.

His memoir, “Food Stamp Warrior,” recounts his struggle from facing adversity in his youth to his legal battles with the SEC.

John deaton website cryptolaw

Through his website, “CryptoLaw,” Deaton has contributed significantly to the discourse on crypto regulation, emphasizing the need for legislation that fosters innovation while protecting consumers.

A New Chapter in Crypto Regulation?

Deaton’s potential run against Warren could mark a new chapter in the discussion on cryptocurrency regulation in the political arena.

As the race heats up, all eyes will be on how these contrasting views on crypto will shape the future of digital currencies in the U.S. With the crypto community closely watching, this Senate race might just become one of the most closely followed contests in the upcoming election cycle.

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